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KR Automotive Garage or The KR Automotive Division​ maintains the Group's fleet ​Vehicles and Other companies Fleet vehicles. Undertakes ​all types of Mechanical ​repairs​ and Accident Repairs which includes full painting of vehicles for special purposes. ​Workshop rated ​as ​A-grade​ by many Insurance companies for their customer vehicles repair. Workshop have an exclusive Fabrication Section which under takes Steel Body Building and Chiller body building (​High Quality​​ ​Polyurethane Vehicle insulat​ion. Sales and Service of freeze​r and chiller uni​ts​ on ​V​ans and ​T​rucks​ for required temperature​.​ The exclusive Body Shop employs the latest in automotive collision repair technology, and is fully equipped to handle ​major ​repair work​s​ for all kinds of vehicles.

The Division Associated with ​brands​ such as Hwa Sung Thermo ​​(Chiller and Freezer​ Units from ​SOUTH ​KOREA​)​. Bosch Authorized Service Centre​ (BAC)​, AMPEX Air Conditioning Solutions and Sanden A/C Compressors.​ ​The division Associated with most of insurance companies for undertaking Accident repairs which includes vehicles painting.

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